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Nicholas's wife Connie Bransilver is an internationally known nature photographer, artist, author and speaker who has photographed on all seven continents.  She brings images and inspirational prose to audiences seeking clarity, passion and purpose. Visit her at

Nicholas and his wife, Connie Bransilver

Nicholas and his wife, Connie Bransilver

Nicholas with Guardian Deborah Jansen

Nicholas with Guardian Deborah Jansen

Nicholas with Chairman Buffalo Tiger of the Miccosukee

Nicholas with Chairman Buffalo Tiger of the Miccosukee

Nicholas Petrucci with portrait of Franklin Adams in progress ©Nicholas Petrucci

Nicholas Petrucci with portrait of Franklin Adams in progress ©Nicholas Petrucci

Portraits & Commissioned Paintings with Nicholas

"I believe a portrait, particularly a classical oil portrait, will tell your story for the next 500 years — or more."

It is generally understood that nothing captures the essence of an individual as eloquently as a portrait, a tradition that pays tribute to those we hold in high esteem, whether famous or simply dear to us, or to celebrate an event or memory. 

It's a once in a lifetime experience that begins with an in-person or phone meeting to discuss your time frame and budget. Then, a first sitting, preferably at your location or at my studio to begin creating a lasting legacy of the subject.

To create your own legacy with a commissioned portrait of a loved one, your family, your business, or to honor a public or religious figure, please click here for information.

"I begin with a detailed chalk drawing. I use the Old Masters technique called verdaccio, the classical Italian style of painting a gray-green underpainting, then I superimpose the colors at the same value over that underpainting.  I believe this creates realistic and luminous skin tones."


Course Correction - Filmmaking For Now

Serendipity? Why else would we change course, at least for now, and focus on filmmaking? Partly because it’s fun, partly because it’s a challenge, partly because we have not geared up for a full scale change in art direction, and partly because the movie industry is so active here it’s hard not to be involved. We have few photos because we have to sign non-disclosure agreements until the films are released, and cell phones are not allowed on set. So here are some previews:

CHAMBERS - A woman survives a heart transplant and begins to develop different personality traits. Stars Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn. Netflix is headquartered in Albuquerque. It is available on-line now. - Trailer. We are both in Episode 8, an equinox party scene.

PERPETUAL GRACE, LTD, stars Ben Kingsley, Jimmi Simpson, and the New Mexico landscapes which lend a biblical feel to the series. Epix/MGM.

For the New Mexico POV - point of view - read the local press: We were residents in the town in several scenes shot over two brutally cold days in Las Vegas, NM.

Others are coming. Better Call Saul is in production now. Connie is a Court Clerk in Episode 501 and 504. They are aiming for release this Fall.

Connie is also in two movies, one, Voices, is a short nearly ready for release. The other, an A-list full length movie, is just beginning shooting. Connie has been in one scene so far.

Three smaller productions are in post-production and will be available on-line. Connie plays “Jamie”, a transgender woman in Green Solutions, Inc., an office comedy. Hands of the Refugee, is a CNM student film where Connie plays a Bar Keep.

Nicholas plays a cop stopping a speeding driver. This, too, is in post-production but will be available on line.

But Connie can’t help trying to capture beauty and joy and the perfect moment.

Artists Evolve - Art Sales Evolve - Galleries Evolve - Collectors Evolve - and so have we.

March 2019:

La Femme en Bleu 2, 36x30 inch Oil on Canvas, ©Nicholas Petrucci, has gone to live happily ever after in a warm and welcoming home in Fort Lauderdale. May she always make everyone around her happy. Femme 1 is still for sale. She is the last of the Mystery of a Woman series which also includes Original Sin, 36x30 inch Oil on Canvas, ©Nicholas Petrucci. Original Sin also resides in a Florida home.

Artists Evolve - Art Sales Evolve - Galleries Evolve - Collectors Evolve - and so have we. Newly southwestern - Nicholas - or southwestern again - Connie - our art and creative expression is infused with the Land of Enchantment. We love our mountain, Sandia (watermelon) pink at sunset, and holding onto its biggest snows at the crest even into mid-March.

The acting bug bit us both. We have taken several classes at Sol Acting Academy in anticipation of even more films being made in New Mexico since Netflix HQ will now be in Albuquerque. My current class is a 6 month intensive on all phases of production. Watch this space for a short office comedy. Watch for both of us on Chambers, with Uma Thurman, Netflix in 2019, and on Perpetual Grace, Ltd., with Ben Kingsley, MGM/Epix in 2019. A short film is yet to be released with Connie in a fun, small part.

Sol Acting Academy is hosting several pieces of artwork. All are for sale. Thank you.

A Daily Joy - Our Year in the Land of Enchantment

April 2019:

A year ago we left Florida saying, in our year end newsletter:

“We began the Guardians of the Everglades® multi-media project with great hopes of reaching and educating a broad range of individuals in the benefits of Everglades conservation. . .” But forces of destruction were overwhelming. and clear-eyed, we had to move on.

Over the past year news on climate change has shifted from threatened species or habitats to one of international concern for the ecosystem of the entire planet. Yet Nero continues to fiddle.

Our year in the Land of Enchantment has proven to be the right move. New Mexicans understand that we share the planet with all creatures, threatened or thriving, and it is a daily joy. Share some of our beauty.

We wish you and yours and all creatures here below beauty and peace.

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo.

Nicholas and Connie

Giving Tuesday - Please Join Us

Dear Friends,

As you know, Connie has devoted her life to creating impactful images to protect the places and species she loves. Through visual storytelling, she attempts to connect people to these issues and inspire action. She is a part of a global Fellowship of visual storytellers with similar missions, goals, and ethics.

I know first-hand the power of visuals. These are recent images from the western New Mexico mesa land, semi-arid yet supporting some of our most ancient American civilizations - Acoma, Laguna, Zuni, Navajo and before that, the Puebloan civilizations at Chaco Canyon just north of these spots.

©Connie Bransilver
©Connie Bransilver

Giving Tuesday is November 27th, 2018. Connie is a Senior Founding Fellow and a donation to iLCP is an investment in conservation images to protect the pristine and diverse places on this Earth. Please consider donating here. Any amount will go a long way and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

Vote. Vote Now. Vote for Conservation. IT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW.

How did we switch from “Doing” to “Being?” Taking in the gorgeous fall here in New Mexico has been all about just being enchanted.

Our “doing” was taking two intensive acting classes and signing up for Background, Stand-in and minor acting roles. Connie has two on the acting resume, and I one. You may know that Netflix has been filming in NM for a number of years. “Chambers” is being filmed now, starring Uma Thurman. We are in Episode 8, and they are still filming so there may be more. The ten episode series will be out next year. Some of you may know that Netflix is buying Albuquerque Studios and pledging millions of dollars in production and local hiring, so . . . stand by! Photography strictly forbidden, so you will have to wait.

To be ready for anything, and just to have fun, Connie and I are horseback riding. Connie was once quite a cowgirl, so for here, it’s a tune up. For me, it is learning experience, sometimes quite bumpy. This photo was made when Connie and her sister, Roberta, went on a trail ride in the foothills around Cerrillos.

We have not yet latched onto a new conservation project. I believe the right project will appear when the time is right. Agua es Vida calls, but we need to define a goal. Anyone have ideas or suggestions? I am just getting back to painting and presenting my work to galleries.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta has come and gone and will return again next October. Come!

The New Mexico State Fair with the rodeo and races was a walk through memory lane. The rodeo was spectacular. Obviously, I loved the barrel racing and roping best, but the photos were best on the bucking stock. Emily and Mary Darnell invited Connie to help give the trophy to the winner of the 6-1/2 Furlong Casey Darnell Futurity, and join them and friends in the Jockey Club. Was that ever a blast, and a wonderful re-entry to the NM rodeo/horse racing world. Friends and their families. For me, it was seeing the real deal up close. These are not movie cowboys!

Come to The Land of Enchantment. Adobe, clean clean air, hot summer days, cool evenings, and now, a piñon fire in the fireplace at night. Magical light.

Nike PR Features Lea

Please check it out.  Many of you are curious about Connie's daughter, Lea’s, work at Nike.  Here it is in Nike’s latest PR about the multi-year effort to improve working conditions in their Asia factories, and further, to coordinate with other manufacturers to do the same: 

Glorious Spring in New Mexico

May 2018 - The Land of Enchantment IS:

We have been nesting since January in our new 50-year-old Nat Kaplan adobe house and studio and making it ours. Now it’s time to celebrate the joy of a desert spring and the warmth and friendliness of neighbors and friends. We will continue with direct sales of oil paintings and photos, but Nicholas will also be talking with galleries in Santa Fe and elsewhere to market his work. We will also be marketing the Guardians of the Everglades portraits and accompanying stories. I will find another conservation project, and what is screaming for my attention is the increasing drought and the fights over water. Agua es vida.  Simple as that.

From Paradise to Enchantment

January 2018: An Exit and an Entrance

We began the Guardians of the Everglades® multi-media project with great hopes of reaching and educating a broad range of individuals in the benefits of Everglades conservation.  We are very grateful for the eleven Guardians who, together, stand as role models for various ways of serving conservation.

As you know, and as our web site states, the purpose was “To introduce the public to the fragile beauty of the Everglades and its unique ecosystem; to honor today’s leadership in conservation and restoration through great art and compelling human stories; and to encourage the public and policy makers to participate in the protection of the Everglades.”

Sadly, our efforts to secure financial support to bring the project to the public through exhibitions, a documentary film and book, or even any of those, were insufficient.  Thus, we have had to conclude that we must abandon the project, at least for the time being, and focus our efforts elsewhere. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you what efforts we have made to raise funds through grants, auctions and individual donors. If you want to know more or offer other sources, please contact us. We will always be open to bringing the Guardians’ extraordinary stories, and our love of the Everglades to the public.

We will be moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico, January 17.  We will be living in an adobe by artist Nat Kaplan, big enough to embrace us, our cockatoo, a studio for each of us, and plenty of room for friends. If you plan to use the mails or visit us, contact us and I will send you the street address in the village of Los Ranchos, NM. Phone numbers and email will remain the same.

New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment — big sky, embracing mountains, supporting earth in soft greens and tans, clear air, multiple cultures, comfortable and familiar. We chose a home near the bosque, alongside a major acequia with walking trails through our cottonwood forest.  When we first arrived at the house a covey of quail scattered through the yard, sandhill cranes rattled as they lifted off, and robins scolded from a big cottonwood. We saw a road runner, too, and each day a plethora of balloons.

The magical light is eternal. 

From Connie:  In NM, we embrace our varied cultures completely. When you come from a place whose history is as rich as New Mexico’s, as I do, you can’t deny it or hide from it.  Who we are in relation to this place compels us to move forward, somewhat exposed, regardless of our personal circumstances.  And that makes for some serious creative energy. New Mexico allows — encourages — eccentricity. Aldous Huxley chose New Mexico for his maybe-not-so-fictional non-conformists in ‘Brave New World’. Yea!

Nicholas “got it” first visit, years ago.  We hit the ground, visited my parents’ graves, then headed straight up the tram to Sandia Crest to have a look — 100 miles west across the valley to Mt. Taylor.  The Sandia Mountains are named for the watermelon color they wear reflecting the setting sun.  He loves the space, the freedom, the painter’s light, and the changing seasons. 

This may seem sudden.  It is not.  For five years or more we invited friends, colleagues and strangers to visit and to help bring Guardians of the Everglades to a greater audience. We wrote dozens of grant applications, proposals, and knocked on many doors. Several stepped forward to help and we thank:  Sandy Cannon-Brown, The Mamdani Foundation;  Lighthawk;  Puffin Foundation;  Franklin Adams, Deb Jansen, Mary Barley, Lee Tiger, Ed Carlson, Nat  Reed, Clyde and Niki Butcher; local newspapers, NPR, Naples Illustrated, Gulf Shore Life, and most recently and exuberantly, éBella Magazine for its Arts Edition feature of Guardians of the Everglades. There were many, many, many others who offered support, guidance and encouragement. Thank you.

In my opinion, it matters not whether you “believe in” climate change or have drunk the Kool-Aid of denial.  For 20 years I have seen, photographed, talked about, written about and understand that the changes are well underway all over the world, with south Florida especially vulnerable. It is not a pretty picture.  We are moving from flood to drought, but we all live in the extremes. We see it coming. With great regret we leave a fractured more violent world to our children and grandchildren. 

My dear friend, Amb. Cinnamon Dornsife, has the last word:  “Keep upbeat, dear Connie - the negativity is intense, but all that you are doing is too important to let languish - or to allow circumstances and political climate to make you feel like it is too hard to succeed.The negative forces win, if you let that happen...hard as it is to keep positive, you must challenge yourselves to do so.”

We will.

Season's Start in Naples

iLCP WILDSpeak Electrifying

We come from 28 countries, joining to share our conservation projects and explore current critical issues.  All 108 of us have earned the title of “Fellow.” I am proudly a Senior Founding Fellow and current Board member. We represent the world’s leading nature, wildlife and cultural photographers and filmmakers. At WILDSpeak we join with scientific and conservation organizations as well as interested individuals to explore shared goals. WILDSpeak 2017 comes at a time of major policy shifts and in the environmental landscape, when foundations of historical, hard-fought wins in conservation feel as if they are disintegrating, causing opinions to rage. As the emotional stakes are high, it is crucial that we discover sound solutions and ways to push our shared conservation goals forward.

WILDSpeak 2018 is planned for Washington, DC, November 13 & 14, 2018.  Subsequent venues are being considered for India and Germany. Everyone is welcome.

As seen in The Scout Guide.

As seen in The Scout Guide.

We’ve Been Scouted — Again this Season

The Scout Guide Naples is a city guide that highlights the premier independent businesses in Naples, FL, and its surrounding areas. We are honored to be featured in this prestigious publication. Stop by for your free copies.

Home Again After Hurricane Irma

The eye of Irma went right over our house, according to a neighbor who stayed. We followed mandatory evacuation orders and fled to Orlando till yesterday. Both house and studio fared well. Lots of downed trees and trashed garden as well as torn screens which we are cleaning up. No power for another 10 days. No gasoline which makes me love my Prius even more. No ice but we have plenty to eat. Hot. Hot. Hot. We will report more when we can. Till then think cool thoughts. I love the rainforest but not this!

Connie & Nicholas

Change of Email Address

Click to view the Summer Rain video!

Click to view the Summer Rain video!

PLEASE NOTE: Our AOL email addresses will disappear August 31st — at long last! 



Other than re-organizing the studio, and looking forward to éBella Magazine’s featuring Guardians of the Everglades® in its 2017/2018 Arts Guide, we are enjoying the rainy season — great clouds, clear, warm light!

Summer Fun - and CHANGE

Sandia Peak Tramway ©Connie Bransilver

Green Burrito ©Connie Bransilver


Well, not really a rollercoaster but the second longest tramway in the world - from the Albuquerque foothills to Sandia Crest — and back.  We took a vacation, a real vacation in the high, dry Land of Enchantment and we were, indeed, enchanted through our skin, our eyes and through our stomachs.  Connie is Green and Nicholas is Red, and if you know New Mexico, you’ll know I am referring to your chile (yes, chile, not chili) preference. You may know that Connie was born and raised there, still has family there, and even went to UNM Law School in the 70s, so the land and sky and cool, dry air are all “home” but the growth and sophistication of this multi-cultural, unique piece of the USA is all new.


We have hated AOL for years, but seemed to be locked in because of the effort required to change.  Lately, AOL has simply not delivered a number of emails — not in Trash or Junk or anywhere.  So, we are biting the bullet.  AOL will be discontinued as of August 31st so . . .





Season Closeout - Last Public Lecture April 11, 2017

Nicholas at the podium at a private event earlier this year.

Evenings at the Conservancy of SW Florida lecture series is featuring Guardians of the Everglades April 11.  It’s our last public appearance of the season, so come, enjoy and let’s Sell It Out!  It’s the glory of our unique Everglades in photos, rough cut video clips, portraits, and even a song, “River of Grass,” written for Guardians of the Everglades.  It’s a high tech iMovie presentation followed by talk of the 11 Guardians’ portraits and what the project means for all of us.  Maybe even some of the Guardians themselves will be there to speak for themselves . . . Register here:

WHEN: Tuesday, April 11 @6:30 p.m.
WHERE: Conservancy of SW Florida - next to the Zoo on Goodlette Frank Road, Naples

We've Been "Scouted" Again

The prestigious Scout Guide to the best local businesses in the Naples area has again selected us for inclusion in the 2017-2018 Scout Guide.  We are captioned as “Luxury Home and Corporate Art” for both Connie’s “Dramatic Images from Around the World” and Nicholas’ “Oil Portraits and Commissions.”  Bud. E. Cockatoo Bird supervised the shoot last week.


Light Plays-Esta-Noche ©MarcRivers

ARTS ALIVE WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1st, 2017  5 - 8 pm
1719 Trade Center Way, #3, Naples, FL 34109

Look for the slide projections on the front wall of the studio. Check out the Scout Guide video from December Art Alive on Facebook - scroll down!

World View - Madagascar ©Connie Bransilver

You can see the next Guardian portrait in progress - Roy McBride & Chili.

Special Guests, LEA BORKENHAGEN, Ph. D. Fulbright Scholar, Cote d’Ivoire.
Presently Nike - Sustainable manufacturing - Asia

Intelligent Thought ©Connie Bransilver

MARC RIVERS, MFA Oxford Brookes University - Artist exploring light and time.  See his images on display in the studio.
Portland, OR   

Join us in French, English, Bahasa Indonesia, or American.


780 Seagate Dr, Naples

Come see some of Connie’s African images.  Buy and support projects in Africa.



As most of you know, I am a Senior Founding Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers and now on the Board. We created 1Frame4Nature to share our dedication to conservation and to encourage everyone to participate.

Under the Mangroves ©Connie Bransilver

“We are all connected to nature, and through it, to each other. Join our community and share your pictures and stories of your personal connection to nature. Tell us what action(s) you are taking on behalf of nature! Tag #1Frame4Nature on Instagram

Share your #1Frame4Nature images and stories here! and while you are on the site, check out my images about climate change and its potential effect on south Florida. Climate Change Is Real.  Floridians should know!



Baby Gator - Fragility of Endangered Species ©ConnieBransilver

Eye of the Dolphin ©Connie Bransilver

Selfie at the March ©Connie Bransilver

5 - 7 pm - 1719 Trade Center Way, #3, Naples, FL 34109
Look for the slide projections on the front wall of the studio. Check out the Scout Guide video from December Arts Alive on Facebook
You can see the next Guardian portrait in progress - Roy McBride & Chili.

Special Guest, LEA BORKENHAGEN, PH. D. Fulbright Scholar, Cote d’Ivoire
Join us in French or English


Connie a Senior Founding Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. They just created 1Frame4Nature to share their dedication to conservation and to encourage everyone to participate.  Their letter states, in part, 

“We are all connected. The water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat unite us in caring for our world.

“The Fellows of the International League of Conservation Photographers are dedicated to furthering conservation and the health of nature through their photography.  They do so by sharing their pictures and stories of what they hold most dear - their connections to the land, water, wildlife, and all of nature for the nourishment of both our bodies and spirits.

“1Frame4Nature (1F4N) is an iLCP led campaign that aims to use our Fellows’ images and stories to encourage online audiences, the general public, to share their images and stories of their own personal connection to nature.”

Share your #1Frame4Nature images and stories here! and while you are on the site, check out her images about climate change and its potential effect on south Florida. Climate Change Is Real. 


Connie did, along with about 3,000 of our brothers and sisters in Naples.  Comment on her FB page about what the march means to you.


Guardian Roy McBride and Chili ©Connie Bransilver (click image for larger view)

5 - 7 pm  -  1719 Trade Center Way, #3, Naples, FL 34109

Look for the slide projections on the front wall of the studio. Check out the Scout Guide video from December Arts Alive on Facebook  and

You can see the next Guardian portrait in progress - Roy McBride & Chili- see some of my abstract pieces, and check out five of Connie’s photographs just printed on canvas and ready to hang later this month — We will tell you where as soon as we can.



Mombasa, 32” x 28” ©Nicholas Petrucci (click image for larger view)

Did you know that I lived in Africa with my father as a young man?  Yes, Uganda and Kenya, and I took an art course at Makerere University in Kampala.  My painting, Mombasa, 32” x 28” Framed Oil with Palette Knife on Canvas, links my love of Mombasa, where my father had a house on the beach, with my current work. 

“Her Honor - the African Mona Lisa,” 20” x 24” Framed Oil on Canvas, is, some say, my best work.  I met and immediately was in the spell of Nigerian jurist, Mrs. H. A. Balogun, a long time friend of Connie’s.  My respect for her inner beauty is evident in the delicate brush strokes and in the almost-living hijab in red.  These and several other paintings will be featured at Kunjani Craft Coffee and Gallery during the month of January 2017.

Kunjani Craft Coffee & Gallery  -  780 Seagate Drive, Naples, FL 34103
across from Waterside Shops and just west of US 41

Painting Her Honor ©Nicholas Petrucci (click image for larger view)

“Lifting each other up with love.”  dedicated to doing good and spreading awareness . . . about the humanitarian crises in Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa and offer hands-on, practical improvements . . .”

Don't miss this: "The Way Back”  A Naples mother and daughter reconnect with their African homeland:


Bud E. Bird ©Connie Bransilver

I have selected Bird Gardens of Naples as the Charity of the Month.  Keri is dedicated to parrot welfare in captivity and conservation of wild parrots.  Bud. E. Cockatoo Bird lived there for three years before he and I were reunited. Buddy now “owns” both me and Connie. Check it out and support Keri’s great work: