“This is an artist to watch. I love the marriage of modern representational facial and costume detailing coupled with your European classic master's approach."
~Marc Fleischer, Southwest Art Magazine


“There is an ancient love and respect here that I have not seen before. Whatever emptiness abides in me is filled when I look at her . . . the absolute grace and wedding of the subject and painter lies beyond the intellectual, but not the emotional comprehension. . . I must have it, in any form, near me. . . In a world that grows increasingly insensitive and cold, you are a beacon. Whenever self-doubt creeps in, and it always does with those who create, please think about my words. . . As a young girl it would have done me a world of good to have ‘Her Honor’ hanging on the wall in my classroom.” ~Barbara Fisher, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


“I work at Hospice doing grief work.  During my last group I passed a copy of [Her Honor] around to 18 people and asked them simply to say what they saw . . . I just wanted to share with you that several of the people saw ‘Hope,’ Peace,’ ‘Calm,’ and ‘Strength.‘ It was very powerful. . .  They were left with the idea that we can draw strength, hope or whatever it may be we need from an image or the face of an individual known and unknown, deceased or living.  I gave a small print of the painting to the woman whose daughter died in the Lockerbie plane bombing. I gave it to her so she could have an image that would help her find courage she so desperately seeks.  Thanks for sharing your gift.”                                
 ~ Louise Kenny, Avow Hospice of Naples, FL


Cynthia and David Fiber visited our reception at Museum of the Everglades and David wrote following his visit.  We want to share his touching words.

“When you look at the Guardians of the Everglades in Nicholas’ paintings you are suddenly brought aware of the human relationship to the environmental issues surrounding the Everglades restoration and preservation. The tendency so often is to see environmental issues only in the context of land, water, air, flora, fauna and forget about the human history entwined therein.  You cannot look at the strength of the characters in the paintings without becoming directly aware that the Everglades is as much a human heritage as an environmental one.  The paintings remind us that once we had great ties to this ecosystem, lived within its context and drew strength from it, and how much we have diminished ourselves by neglecting that heritage. Each Guardian, in the power of their representation, reminds us that to be human, we must respect, and protect, the natural forces that gave us birth and give us breath. Connie’s screenings remind us of both the beauty and the transparent fragility of the Everglades. The Guardians stand guard. The paintings stand guard over the screens. An apt and effective juxtaposition.”  ~David Fiber


“I just returned from Italy . . . and hit all the museums . . . so when I say Nicholas’ painting is inspiring, I know whereof I speak."    Art Burns, Head Hunter, Montana


“This artist does not follow current trends in contemporary art.  You won’t find him assembling a sculpture or installation with found objects or covering a canvas in a single color.  Petrucci wants a return to classicism, which he sees as the purest and truest form of art. Legendary 17th Century artists painted with exquisite technique, elegance, majesty, and drama to depict their subjects . . . realistically.  ‘That’s what gives me the impetus to work so hard at what I do,’ Petrucci said."        Feature Article, Estates Lifestyles, Spring 2008