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Nicholas Petrucci

Nicholas Petrucci

Born in Champagne, Illinois, my education began in a family that valued art. Visiting great museums in Europe and being mesmerized by paintings by the Old Masters set my course. I was persuaded to study medicine but eventually returned to art. I learned the basic techniques of painting at university but taught myself the skills of traditional portraiture in order to capture the elegance and mystery of human emotion. I learned advanced techniques from leaders in the field such as master watercolorist Professor Edward Betts, classical portrait artist Ralph Wolfe Cowan, and Italian Renaissance technical master instructor Frank Covino, all of whom encouraged me and allowed me to learn directly from them.

Before becoming a full time artist I worked in several professions including hospitality, construction, retail, and finally, law enforcement. Each offered insights into the human condition which are invaluable to me now as a portrait artist. They also taught me self-confidence, self-reliance, the value of sustained hard work, and the grace to appreciate fine art.

I have built my art business for 25 years, first in central Illinois, with a period in Mombasa, Kenya, and since 2004, in Naples, Florida. Though family and personal health challenges intervened, I built a reputation as a portrait artist, from drawings to full color life size oils.

Family drew me to Naples. Soon after, I met and married Connie Bransilver, an established international conservation photographer. We worked independently from 2005 while I was commissioned by luminaries such as Dr. Jane Goodall, Her Honor, Mrs. Ade Balogun of Nigeria, Father Michael Basden of Trinity by the Cove Episcopal Church, International Yogi Kiersten Mooney and recently, local Amgen executive, Cindy Myers. I also painted models -- La Femme en Bleu 1 and 2, Dama Madonna, The Merchant, The Patriot -- as well as other pieces such as Mombasa and a full size horse charging toward the viewer titled "Il Tuono/Thundering" often credited as a self-portrait.

During that time I was awarded top prize in each show I entered including 1998, First Prize, Professional Art Show of the Illinois Art League, Peoria, IL; 1998, First Prize and Peoples’ Choice, Fulton County Art Show, Canton, IL;  2007, Highest Honors, 9th Annual Judeo-Christian International Exhibition, Upstream People Gallery; 2008, The Richeson 75, Artist’s Choice Competition, Kimberly, WI.

I was most pleased with First Prize Environmental Message for Dr. Jane Goodall’s portrait at the International Art Expo, NYC in 2009, and then with being a featured live auction item in the 2009 Naples Winter Wine Festival, the event that raises more money for charity in one weekend than any other in the world. My donation of a head and shoulders portrait was auctioned at $130,000.  

My work has been accepted in each show it was offered including 2009, Oil Painters of America Juried Show, Jacksonville, FL; 2010 International Guild of Realism Fifth Annual Juried Exhibition, Palm Springs, CA; and in 2012, at the ASTA Show and Sale, Scottsdale, AZ, where Dama Madonna was voted People’s Choice.

I have been privileged to be featured in numerous local, national and even international magazine articles as well as television and radio shows and interviews, among them the six page feature article in the 2011 Life in Naples Magazine entitled "Master of the Canvas,"   a feature in 2011 American Art Collector on my series La Femme en Bleu, 1 & 2. My work has been spotlighted in Artam Global Art, Istanbul, Turkey (March 2011), the Huffington Post January 2011 viewing my studio and talents, and others including Naples Illustrated, Art Business News, an American Art Collector article on me, personally, as an artist. Even the New York Times included a brief interview in 2011 focusing on my style of work. Television has included interviews on Lee Pitts Live, WLRN-TV Miami, and others.  The production team of Ed Clay and Hank Sorrick is producing a half hour television show of my style of work and my passion for classical painting by interviewing my collectors and those who have or are working with me.

Connie Bransilver

Connie Bransilver

My wife and I merged our artistic efforts in 2011 to produce Guardians of the Everglades®, a multimedia exhibition, documentary and book based on art, conservation and activism with the goal of educating, inspiring, honoring leadership and presenting evocative portraits and tactile encounters with the emotional draw of the Everglades. Together we selected eleven living leaders of Everglades conservation, the Guardians, who are dedicated to restoring its vitality.

I am painting each on a 6x4 foot panel in oil.  I have chosen a minimalist approach to strengthen their character, while applying Old Masters’ techniques to enhance their individuality.  My approach is to use contemporary themes as they apply to each Guardian’s vocation -- conservation, sustainable use of resources, the power of leadership, education, activism etc.  Each of these works is being finished with a newly developed approach to varnishing that gives these life size portraits a three dimensional effect. It is as if each one is about to step out of the painting. It has to be seen to comprehend its visual impact.

My research concludes that I am the first, and so far, the only, portrait artist producing a series of portraits for a single cause. I am collaborating with my wife, a photographer and videographer, to expand our reach and impact. In addition to its importance to conservation of a vital ecosystem, I believe this collaboration will help people have a richer appreciation of this unique ecosystem and become the activists needed to restore and save the American Everglades. 

Classical art can speak for the Guardians more than any other form of art.

Already our efforts have been rewarded.  We have mounted preview exhibitions at Museum of Florida Art and Culture, SFCC, Avon Park, FL, December 2011 - January 2012; Museum of the Everglades, February 2012; Everglades National Park Coe Visitors’ Center, March 2012; Deering Estate at Cutler, Miami, FL, November 2012 - January 2013; SW Florida Audubon’s Feathers and Friends Gala February 7, 2013, with portraits, endangered species panels, video and live presentations by several of the Guardians; National Audubon Society’s Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, February - May 2012. Now, the eight completed portraits along with other works are on display at the Guardians of the Everglades® studio and showroom in Naples, FL. I am working on the remaining three portraits while my wife and I are packaging the exhibition with a cohesive narrative with panels and video for museums throughout the country and beyond, and also raising money for and awareness of the project locally and nationally.

Our collaborative efforts seem to have resonance with print and visual media as Guardians of the Everglades® has been featured in several dozen local and national publications as well as in blogs and broadcasts even though we have not yet completed the project. 

Connie Bransilver and Nicholas Petrucci with Guardians of the Everglades portraits and silk banners.

Connie Bransilver and Nicholas Petrucci with Guardians of the Everglades portraits and silk banners.

The Puffin Foundation rewarded my artistic efforts with a $1,000 unrestricted grant in 2013. has teamed with Guardians of the Everglades® to provide airplanes and pilots for extensive aerial video and photography of the entire Everglades ecosystem. It is open ended. Less than half has been filmed so far. Footage and stills will be used to enhance the narrative for the exhibition and be a part of the documentary film, while the stills will help to illustrate the book as well as illustrate the vastness of the ecosystem in the exhibition narrative.

Our target for the exhibition to be complete is March 2016, though the accompanying documentary and the book will come as funds are raised.  In the meantime, I have accepted one commission in India with the possibility of several others there as well.  That in itself may lead to another large project as the industrialist who is arranging for the portrait/s is also a leading conservationist with estates in Assam. When he visited us he voiced a similar interest in featuring a conservation project there.

As the Guardians of the Everglades® portraits are completed I will move back to my first love, portraiture, and will be accepting commissions effective immediately.


Makarere University, Kampala, Uganda - Non-degree Art, 1965
University of Illinois, Urbana - Pre-med and Art, 1965 - 1967
Northern Colorado University at Greeley - Pre-med and Art - 1967 - 1968
CBS Acting School, Hollywood, CA - 1968-1969
Western Illinois University, Macomb Campus - BA -  Art,  1994


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1999 Delayne Spain Gallery, Peoria, Illinois. 


2013 Puffin Foundation Artist Grant - $1,000.

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1998 First Prize and Peoples’ Choice, Fulton County Town and Country Art Show, Canton, Illinois

1998 First Prize, Professional Art Show, Illinois Art League, Peoria, Illinois   


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